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New Zealand Company Looks to Montana Firm to Help Reduce Car Crashes
The New Zealand manufacturer of a new, ice-road warning technology has selected a Montana firm
to represent the innovative device in the United States.
Solar Bright Limited of Christchurch has selected Angry Minnow Marketing, LLC of Bozeman to direct
the U.S. market development of PATeye™, a real-time visual warning system that alerts motorists to
ice-road conditions. Ideally suited for use on roads, bridges, parking facilities and sidewalks, the
solar-powered device detects the formation of frost and illuminates a blue LED flashing light, which
alerts motorists that road surface conditions are ripe for ice formation.
On average in the United States, icy roads cause 154,580 crashes per year resulting in 45,133 injuries
and 580 fatalities (Source: Ten-year averages from 2002 to 2012 analysed by Booz Allen Hamilton,
based on NHTSA data).
“We believe that technology and the design of ‘smart devices’ can reduce statistics like these and
save lives,” Pat Martin, Founder and CEO of Solar Bright said. “Our belief motivates us to disrupt the
intelligent transportation systems (ITS) industry and deliver affordable, life-saving products to the
The PATeye™ uses advanced proprietary sensors to predict the presence of ice on a surface through
the analysis of the formation of frost on the device itself. Custom-designed moisture, temperature
and humidity sensors are at the heart of the patented technology and work “in harmony to predict
when ice is likely starting to form,” Martin said.
“The future really is in the telemetry capabilities,” Rob Haywood, Global Sales Director of Solar
Bright said. “In the near future these things will actually be able to talk wirelessly,” Haywood added,
citing ongoing product development that will enable a PATeye™ to communicate with people, such
as road maintenance operators, and infrastructure, such as dynamic message signs (DMS). Knowing
the road surface data and understanding which PATeye™ devices are active/idle will help
maintenance crews treat roads more efficiently and effectively, Haywood said.
“I’m excited to represent such a unique, life-saving technology,” Michael Ross, manager of Angry
Minnow Marketing said. “I came across these guys last fall, thought the concept was awesome and
really wanted to be part of the effort to bring PATeye™ to the states.”
About Solar Bright Limited
Established in 2006, Solar Bright Limited is New Zealand’s leading supplier of innovative, costeffective
solar lighting solutions. The Christchurch, New Zealand-based designer and manufacturer
has grown to offer the world’s first commercially available solar powered ice detection system, the


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